Final Fantasy VII is Coming to the PlayStation 4, but it’s not What you Think

It's still TECHNICALLY a remaster...

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Come on. Did you REALLY think Square-Enix were going to show off the much wanted Final Fantasy VII remaster out of the blue like that? No way. I’m sure that some people thought this was the case when Sony flashed the logo for it on stage during their keynote at the PlayStation Experience but it wasn’t so. What we were treated to was a trailer for an HD version of the original game which is now coming to the PlayStation 4.

Let’s be real here: This is basically the PC version of the game on the PlayStation 4. It has smoother graphics with cleaned up menus but it is essentially the original game. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this since the game still holds up to this day. Yeah, graphically it doesn’t hold up but gameplay wise it’s still a solid title.

Though this may not be what people asked for it’s better than nothing. Final Fantasy VII ¬†will be released on the PlayStation 4 in Spring of 2015.

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