Football Manager 2018 Video Details New Scouting System

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Football Manager 2018 was announced back in August, and it was said that this years addition to the series would come equipped with new mechanics. This year, fans can look forward to new graphics, A.I and a Dynamics system that will let you influence the dressing room.

Now, the team behind the popular Football sim has released a new video that details the scouting system for the game. Any fan of Football —Soccer for our lovely American readers— knows that scouting is a huge part of the fun when it comes to the sport.

As the video shows, scouts can score players out of 100 and adjust their ratings as they learn more about them. You, the manager, will then be able to specify the level of scouting required whether its long-term or short-term.

Football Manager 2018 will release for Windows on November 10th.

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