Blind Elephant

Gemstones – Blind Elephant | First Impression

Another Chicago artist enters the fray with Gemstones' Blind Elephant hitting the web on May 5th.

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Profex, Joe Hova, AJ, and Blue share their differing opinions on Blind Elephant by Chicago’s own Gemstones (previously known as Gemini). Gemstones left Lupe Fiasco’s label 1st and 15th a few years ago and has been paving his own lane from the ground up within the Christian Hip Hop genre, but his music transcends that label.

What do you think of the album? Check our First Impressions and share your own down in the comments below.

Track List

  1. Quick Go In

  2. Believe

  3. Lyrical Miracle

  4. Press Harder

  5. New World

  6. Mama

  7. Temple

  8. Selfish

  9. Almost Home

  10. Don’t Let Me Fall

  11. Circles

  12. Rapture

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