Mark Cerny Says PS4 Pro Has 8.4 Teraflops, Xbots & Ponies Go Wild | Tony’s Take

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It’s Saturday, which means that instead of relaxing and spending time playing games, fanboys on both sides have to go hog wild with the console war. What has gotten people’s panties in a bunch this time?

In a recent interview that EuroGamer conducted with Mark Cerny, the PS4 and PS4 Pro lead architect talked about how the Pro could potentially use 8.4 teraflops of computational power instead of 4.2. This was enough to get fanboys frothing at the mouth. Xbots claimed that Cerny was lying and only said this to appease Sony fans. Sony Ponies on the other hand behaved very much like Xbots did about Cloud computing and DX12.

In this video, I break down what is going on and calls out both sides of the fanboy war on their stupidity.

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