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Thanks to the power of Mom and Pop stores, I was able to get my hands on a copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain before its official release this upcoming Tuesday. Since I had the game, I wanted to make a real quick video where I give you my initial first impressions.

I’m only about eight hours into the game as of the time of this writing, but so far it is living up to my expectations and to the overall hype that its been receiving. The controls feel solid (pun intended), the graphics are some of the best around, and most importantly, it’s just a lot of fun to play in this giant open world environment.

Our official review of the game won’t be posted for some time as we want to give you the most thorough analysis and we don’t feel rushing things would benefit you or do this game justice. Do expect more videos and write ups on the game in the following weeks as I’m sure this will be the title that will dominate the conversation in gaming for some time.

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