My 2 Cents: The Watch_Dogs Controversy

In this video I talk about Watch_Dogs and the recent controversy surrounding the graphical downgrade by developers and publishers Ubisoft. I feature the famed mod created by TheWorse which brings those special effects that we saw in the E3 2012 demo of Watch_Dogs back into the final release of the game.

We listen to what Ubisoft has to say about the matter, then we discover something that was uncovered before their statement which didn’t make Ubisoft’s situation any better.

Why Ubisoft did this is still unclear although the most likely answer is that they didn’t want the PC version to outdo the new consoles in terms of visual splendour. Either way this is a very worrying sign for this generation of gaming. I was looking forward to what was in store thanks to these new consoles and developers taking more advantage of the power of the PC, however if developers continue with this attitude, then things look bleak for video gaming indeed.

Link to mod by TheWorse

Link to Watch_Dogs code

Where I discovered what was in the Ubisoft code

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