The Co-op Podcast 78 – Are We Getting Too Comfortable Buying The Same Games Twice?

We’re back for a post E3 episode of The Co-op Podcast. We apologize to our listeners for not delivering a podcast during the week of E3, we tried but our internet sabotaged the quality of the show so we chose not to release one of them. This week Edward, Richard and I decide to bring on two of our regular guests Charles Singletary and Michael A. (HatedGreatness) to touch on all E3 related subject matter, along with some post E3 discussions.

One of the discussions that kept re-occurring was the fact that we’re being conditioned to buy the same games we’ve beaten last year again just because it’s now on a new system. With The Last of Us remastered just around the corner, and Grand Theft Auto V coming out on next-gen consoles later this year, this is a thought provoking topic. Especially because there’s speculation over Rockstar leaving out the promised heists so that they could launch it with the next-gen version. Are we getting to comfortable re-buying games that we’ve beaten not so long ago? Listen to our debates and let us know what you think.

We admit that this show isn’t structured like a regular Co-op, and much of the discussion is free flowing. But we touched on many intriguing topics, such as the hate for Watch Dogs, the disappointment at seeing Rainbow Six: Siege, why Phantom Dust is a big deal, companies treating third-party games like exclusives, and Nintendo’s strong showing at E3. There’s tons of discussion in there so sit back and enjoy the show.

If you’re interested in being a future guest on The Co-op, hit us up here. With the E3 hype dying down we’ll be open to bringing on new guests.

Music: Slaughterhouse – Offshore (House Rules)

Also check out our Co-op After Dark debate right here in which there’s an intense argument about console exclusives.

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