Rantasaurus 14: GamerGate Edition

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Our good friend and mentor Torrence Davis (The Bit Bag, STFUandPLAY) has released a new Rantasaurus video. Though Torrence is no longer working in the games industry, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t keeping an eye on what’s happening in it. With the most recent news that Intel was pulling advertising from gaming site GamaSutra, Torrence felt compelled to make a video where he gave his thoughts on GamerGate and all of the madness surrounding it.

Torrence brings up some good points about GamerGate in this video though I can’t say that I completely agree with everything he says. He gives credit to Sarkeesian for her hustle and to Alexander for some of her views. I don’t care how hard of a worker Sarkeesian is, she is doing more harm to gaming than good with the way she vilifies the industry. As for Leigh, she clearly hates gamers and geeks. To her, we’re all scum. I can’t give a person like that any sort of respect since she clearly has none for me and other like-minded folks.

The ending of this video is one I can totally get behind. People have shown that they really do have the power to make change happen if they really it to. The whole GamerGate movement was born from people who were fed up with being treated like shit by the larger gaming media and they have caused some changes to be made at sites and even caused big companies like Intel to pull their ads from sites they feel disrespect them. People need to take this power to enact TRUE change in the industry. At the end of the day, companies only care about money so if we stop giving it to them, they’ll start to listen.

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