Sony Releases Video Announcement about Hideo Kojima’s New Studio

It's official!

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We reported on the speculation that Hideo Kojima was officially about to start his own independent studio, and Sony was one of the houses that was heavily rumored to be involved. Well now Andrew House himself has broken the news via a video that includes the man Hideo Kojima himself.

So let’s break down the details on this revelation. As of December 15th Hideo Kojima’s contract at Konami officially came to an end. Kojima will now head his own independent team that consists of many of his former staff from Kojima Productions. Their first project will be in partnership with Sony and will be a PlayStation 4 console exclusive. This does not mean that Kojima’s new studio are first-party only, but of course they can continue working solely with Sony if they wish to.

This is huge news, so let us know your thoughts below.

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