Stream Team Highlights – Week of 05/18/15

Look back at the best moments from this week's streams!

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We’ve started streaming a whole lot more on The Koalition TV Twitch channel, as in pretty much every single day. We’re giving away a copy of The Witcher 3 once we hit 100 followers and we’re having a blast playing games for the world to see. But we understand that everyone is busy and doesn’t really have the time to watch all of, or most of, our streams. So as an answer to this, we’re going to feature short highlight videos every week called “Stream Team Highlights” that will focus on the cool, epic, funny, or downright crazy moments from that week’s streams.

The streamers and games featured this week are:

  • David Jagneaux with clips from both Not a Hero, a fast-paced and violent indie cover-based shooter, and Exanima, a top-down physics-based dungeon crawler with incredibly tense and difficult combat,
  • Jakejames Lugo with a sweet moment from one his Destiny: House of Wolves streams,
  • And Charles Singletary with some awesome clips from Toxikk, an ultra-fast-paced arena shooter, as well as some cooperative multiplayer havok with David in Marvel Heroes.

We will be publishing these every weekend, so even if you don’t catch our streams you can still get the highlights. Let us know what you think down in the comments below and leave recommendations for the types of games we should stream next week.


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