“Tell Me, Do You Bleed? You Will” Zack Synder Releases Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice HD Trailer

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In case you had your head under a rock, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was leaked online, showing us what we all hoped to be a less grainy and superb comic book adaptation.

This afternoon was full of surprises as director Zack Synder released the trailer in all its HD glory ahead of the April 2oth release date.

In the two minute and nine-second trailer, the world is pretty pissed at Superman after the events of Man of Steel (notice the Superman statue in the ocean where Aquaman will surely make an appearance) and it is up to Batman to put him in his place.

Donning the bat suit is a rather impressive Ben Affleck complete with a Spawn like deep voice challenging Bats, declaring to make him bleed. For those who happen to have tickets the trailer release screening (I was placed on waitlist), don’t worry for Synder also posted this teaser,

What surprises does Warner Brothers have under its sleeve? Hopefully the movie we deserve, and the one that we need.

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