The Co-op Podcast 80: Will The Vita Remain As An Expensive PS4 Accessory?

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Joining us on episode 80 is our returning guest Austin Conway, Michael A, and Charles Singletary. Unfortunately, both our regular hosts Edward V and Jakejames Lugo couldn’t make the show. We had some seriously deep discussions on this episode, one of them based on the future of the Playstation Vita. Apparently the Vita slim is selling like hot cakes in the US and Sony are having trouble keeping them stocked. But an important question comes into play, are they selling for the right reason? Has the Vita been reduced to being a PS4 accessory? We share our thoughts.

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Another deep topics we discussed was gay characters in gaming, and why people always make such a big deal of them. Is it the publishers fault for even announcing that these characters are gay? Do they throw it in our face, when it progresses the game in no way? There’s many ways to look at this controversial topic, and it’s clearly an issue that will plague the current state of gaming for a while. We’re interested to know your thoughts.

Shuhei Yoshida says he’s concerned that the majority of gamers go for big-budget, realistic, military shooters, and pass on creative or indie titles. Do we agree with the statement? Should we as gamers be more open minded, and more willing to try different genres? We talk about it.

When Will The Annual Summer Gaming Drought End? With October being a packed month for game releases, we question when and if this trend will ever end. Which games will suffer most in October because of this trend?

There’s also a long discussion about whether the video game controller/keyboard and mouse will ever be replace, or if there needs to be more innovation in how we play our games.

All of this and more on Episode 80 of The Co-op Podcast. As always, get involved and leave your comments below. You may not know it, but your comments help to keep the show alive.

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