The Co-op Podcast #82: Will Microsoft’s New Direction Make Xbox One The Leading Console?

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On this week’s episode of The Co-op podcast we spoke a lot about the recent news regarding Microsoft. Their sales have doubled since E3 and the price drop of the Xbox One; and unfortunately they’ve also shut down their entertainment division aimed at delivering original TV content to the console. Around 18000 people lost their jobs which is unfortunate, but it shows Microsoft is changing focus. Does this mean that Microsoft’s new approach is all about games? Does this also mean that they’ll win the majority of the gamers moving forward? Let us know what you think after listening to our discussions.

Tekken 7 was announced at EVO over the weekend, but what do we want from a new Tekken game? We share our thoughts as fans of the Tekken series. Also we discuss the new controversy over popular Youtube content creators being paid by publishers to cover their games. Is this unethical? We share our thoughts.

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