Throwback Thursday: Redman (1998)

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With his fourth solo album “Doc’s da Name 2000” released 15 years ago this month, Redman is this week’s featured artist for Throwback Thursday.

The first of our selected five Redman tracks is “I’ll Be Dat!“. This was one of three singles for “Doc’s da Name 2000“, which was produced by Rockwilder.

Our second chosen track is “Down South Funk“, which was track 18 on the album. Erick Sermon produced and also appeared on the track alongside Keith Murray.

Track three is “Let Da Monkey Out”. This was the third single released for the album and again was produced by Erick Sermon.

The fourth track of our selection is “Da Goodness” featuring Busta Rhymes, who (for some reason) was excluded from the video version. Redman done the producing for this song.

The final track is “Well All Rite Cha” featuring long-time cohort Method Man. Erick Sermon also takes the production credits for this track.

Redman’s music is available on Amazon.

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