Tecmo-Koei Developing Zelda/Dynasty Warriors Spin-Off

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The last Nintendo Direct of 2013 just wrapped up a few minutes ago, and it did not fail to leave us with a few surprises. As if 2014 wasn’t already looking like a stellar year for Nintendo with upcoming releases like Mario Kart 8, and Smash Bros, Nintendo is now adding Hyrule Warriors to the stacked Wii-U 2014 release.

Hyrule Warriors (A working title) is being developed by Tecmo Koei, the team behind the countless Dynasty Warriors games. Now we can all agree that the idea sounds terrible in hindsight, a Triple A series being handed off to a developer who is stuck making the same uninspiring game. But I am going to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt by saying that they are too smart to just hand over their most prized franchise and not vigorously look over the quality of this title. I also do tip my hat to Nintendo for trying new ideas like this and Metroid: Other M.

Check out the teaser trailer for Hyrule Warriors below. Let us know what you think.

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