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Throwdown Ep. 02 – “Destiny Awaits”

Welcome to another episode of our Throwdown podcast. This is a show where we discuss video games, pop culture and tech in an honest and uncompromising fashion. You won’t get any bullshit here.

This week saw the release of one of the most talked about games of the last few years. Bungie and Activision have finally released Destiny into the wild and so far it appears to be meeting the lofty expectations set upon it by the media and gaming public. A title of this magnitude isn’t one we could just gloss over so this week we go in-depth into what we think of the game. Has Destiny has lived up to the hype? What does it symbolize for the gaming industry and what sort of impact will it ultimately have? We answer all of these.

In addition to our main topic, we also discuss some news items that have popped up during the week. On the gaming side, we talk about the collector’s edition of Batman: Arkham Knight, and how The Fine Young Capitalists got funding for their project. Tech news consists of Apple’s most recent event where they revealed the new iPhone and about how Facebook isn’t as secure as people think. Finally for Pop Culture, we discuss the leaked images of the Batmobile from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This week I was joined by the usual panel: Emilio LopezBrian MunjomaRachael Murdock, and Brett Murdock. Thanks to our special guests: Jorge Jimenez from DualShockers and Emily Lemay from Max Level.

Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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Rachael Murdock, our producer, has been diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She created an online journal on Tumblr to give people updates about her condition. There, you can read her story and if you feel inclined, you can donate. Remember that every bit counts but if you can’t donate, words of encouragement can mean just as much.

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