Tink – “Ratchet Commandments” [Music Video]

The Heir to Missy Elliot?

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If you’re unfamiliar, Tink is a Chicago songstress/emcee that big time producer Timbaland has taken under his wing. Though she crafting dope music without the assist, this support¬†will do wonders for exposure. We’re already seeing thing come to together in that respect with a set at Fader Fort SXSW where Timbaland claimed Aaliyah came to him in a dream and co-signed the young artist.

We spoke on this particular track on Knights of the Turntable #23, touching on how refreshing it is to have someone so young with the perspective this song affords. Now, we have a visual to accompany this “anti-social norm” piece and it’s clear that Tim wants this budding, beastly-on-the-mic emcee to blossom into a major force on the mainstream level. Check it out and share your thoughts with us down below.

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