Torrence Davis – Rebel Without a Pause Button: How I Became a Video Game Journalist [Interview]

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I’m sure most of our core audience here at The Koalition is familiar with Torrence Davis, the host of popular podcast Video Game Warzone. If you’re familiar with him, then you’ll know that Torrence has been a part of the video games industry for over 20 years now. He once owned a video game magazine called Video Game Time. Video Game Time was also one of the first video game news sites around during the rise in popularity of the Internet. Torrence later went on to run The Bit Bag and eventually STFU&Play.

With all that history, Torrence has much knowledge to share. That’s why he’s chosen to publish a memoir that documents his work as a video game journalist. In the book, Torrence Davis talks about his early days in the arcades, owning his first home consoles and attending the very first E3 expo.

Hit play on the video above to learn more about the book via the interview. Once the book is released, we’ll update this post with a link directing you where you can get it.

– This interview was originally featured on the Redital Book Club podcast, also hosted by me!

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