Turn Based, The RPG Podcast 28: What is the Ideal Length of a Role-playing game?

How long is too long? Listen and watch us talk about game length in RPGs!

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Christmas just passed and New Year’s is right around the corner, but before the holidays end we wanted to hit you with the last Turn Based episode of 2013. This week we had an in depth spotlight discussion on game length when it comes to role-playing games (RPGs). How long should a role-playing game be? What are some good examples of games that balance out story, grinding and exploring? Is there a different standard between a Western and a Japanese role-playing game? Let us know your thoughts on the discussion below.

Also on this episode we discuss the release dates for The Elder Scrolls Online, Fable Anniversary and Tales of Zestiria; We also discuss GOG’s recent announcement that they are now offering digital returns for games that don’t work on your system and why this is great for gamers.

Remember, the Winter holidays are the perfect time for catching up on some gaming. Let us know what games you’ll be spending time with this holiday. Check out for our Game of the Year articles and watch the Coop podcast in which we announce The Koalition’s official GOTY.

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