Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Aims to Make You a Better Player [UPDATE: It costs a lot]

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller wants to make you a better player.

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UPDATE: The link to the Elite Controller is live right now, and as you can see, it will cost a whopping $150. While this is a lot, it isn’t extreme; the Scuf Gaming controller currently goes for a similar price, and Xbox aims to compete with them, so the pricing is fair.

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During Microsoft’s E3 conference, they revealed a newly redesigned wireless Xbox controller called Elite.

This improved device adds comfortability to your fingers with four bumper pads under the grips, a textured rolling pad and hair trigger locks for people like me who struggle with precision.

To add to its fanciness, Elite’s design allows players to switch out the new parts and adjust it to your personal liking.

A release date was not announced but I won’t be surprised to see it drop later this year.

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