DJ Hero 2: DJ Qbert Next Up To The Table

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DJ Qbert joins the ranks of high quality DJ’s as a playable character in the new DJ Hero 2 dropping this October. The legendary award winning DJ is ecstatic about being in the game, check what he had to say:

“I’m excited about finally getting to bring the art of turntablism’s defining skills, as well as two exclusive mixes, to DJ Hero 2,” said DJ Qbert. “It’s been a dream of mine as a gamer to battle myself on the turntables and now millions of fans around the world and their friends will get their chance to also.”

Activision’s music head Tim Riley weighed in on the Matter as well:

“We’re bringing together the biggest and best DJ’s from around the globe, having already announced Deadmau5 and David Guetta as part of our incredibly talented crew, and having DJ Qbert cut up records in his signature style will help us put an indelible stamp on the DJ Hero 2 soundtrack.”

I’m crossing my fingers hoping that this game comes out as good as it seems so far. I thought the first DJ Hero didn’t use the culture as much as it should have. Much marketing seemed like a push in Guitar Hero fans directions. Throwing Eminem and Jay Z in a commercial seemed like the eggs in the basket. DJ Hero has its own base, they just have to appeal to the right gamers and casuals.

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