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What We Want From: God Of War Ascension

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After months of rumors the next God Of War game has finally been announced as God Of War : Acension. While we still don’t know much about the game (and probably won’t know much  until E3), The Koalition’s editorial time have decided to give our thought on what we want from just might be the PS3’s swan song.


When the rumours of a new God of War game started to circulate, my initial thought was “Why couldn’t they just leave this series alone for a while.” But after realising that Ascension is set before the first game I feel like there are many areas they can explore.

I would love to learn more about the life Kratos lead before he promised to serve Ares. I would like to know the kind of person Kratos was when he was just the captain of the Spartan army. There is a lot of criticism about Kratos’s character, specifically because of the fact that he hates and kills everything. This game could possibly show us a side of Kratos that we didn’t see before.


In my opinion, God Of War: Ascension could very well be the best game in the series. Given that a great deal of Greek mythology centers around tragedy, I’m very curious to see what transformed Kratos into the murderous character he is today. My best guess is that the events showcased will coincide with the brutal executions in which he takes out on his opponents. If this is exactly what they are going for, then I believe this entry will allow the series to come full circle and give fans a definitive, yet satisfying ending.


After five very similar games I was ready to put the God Of War series behind me. God Of War III saw Kratos receive a fitting end and Ghost Of Sparta did a great job redeeming him as a character. But given their financial woes, it was inevitable that Sony would return to the God Of War well before long.

When rumors about “God Of War IV’s” existence began to circulate there was a lot of talk about the game being multiplayer focused but thankfully that doesn’t appear to be the case. We still don’t know exactly what Ascension will be but the trailer suggests that we’ll finally get a chance to meet the man behind the rage which has me VERY intrigued!

I’m also hoping that Ascension will introduce all-new gameplay mechanics and put an end to the game’s formulaic and predictable structure. I’m tired of collecting Goron Eyes and Phoenix Feathers, I no longer want to tap “square, square, triangle” until everyone in the room is dead and I hope to fight enemies who don’t fight like this is the first time they’ve ever engaged in combat. Of course if the developers at San Monica make too many changes they’ll risk losing the series’ identity but I’d prefer to see them try and fail rather than give us God Of War 3.5.


A new God of War game? I guess there is room for a prequel, and it could very well be an interesting story to experience, but from a gameplay standpoint I have my doubts. The teaser showed zero gameplay footage, of course, but given the history of the series, I have no reason to believe anything revolutionary is going to happen. This is especially true since it is being released on the PS3, instead of being tucked away for the PS4. After playing more recent action games, and especially after playing Darksiders and seeing all of the details about Darksiders 2, it seems like this genre is changing. Instead of relying on repetitive gameplay mechanics, God of War would need to step it up and change its structure to get my interest. Sure, Ascension is going to sell like crazy because people love God of War, they love violence, they love action. And the story of Kratos’ redemption is one of the most intriguing and interesting stories in gaming today. But, until I see something to prove my doubts wrong, I am not going to get excited for another game in a series that has made little innovative progress in the gameplay department over the course of five games.

Agree with us? disagree with us? let your feelings be known via the comments below.

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