MLG Fall Championships Floor Analysis

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The weekend kicked off Major League Gaming’s (MLG) Fall Championships held in Dallas, TX at the Dallas Convention Center. For full pre-event details, check out my original post right here. As you can see in the featured image above, there were plenty of scantily clad women (just like any good gaming convention) with these particular girls representing coated pretzel snacks Flipz.

This post is an analysis of the pre-tournament floor/showroom and what all there was to check out. Keep it on The Koalition for a full list of tournament results and winners soon!

The line they had to wait in before they could wait in the entry line.

Before they allowed people in, lines went on for what seemed like forever just for spectators and tournament participants to even get in the doors. There were roughly ten doors on a wall that went into the showroom itself, only one of which were being used to allow people to enter. I assume they were trying to control the flow of people, but it did lead to a pretty glorious bottleneck at the entrance.

Surprisingly orderly for a seemingly scattered group.

Once you got inside the showroom floor at the MLG Fall Championships, there was a nice assortment of booths to check out that included games and products alike. Over at the Sony Xperia Play booth was a partnership with the new Bond movie, Skyfall. If you went around and used the Xperia phone in various different ways, then filled out an entry card, you were entered for a chance to win an Xperia Play phone. Full Sail University even showed up with a demonstration of a 3D modeling program for spectators to try out.

Other booths at MLG included BenQ monitors, Razer PC peripherals and contests, iBUYPOWER with both products and information, GUNNAR Optiks had officially licensed gamer eyewear for reducing eye strain and improving clarity and Mad Catz were there with customizable controllers and pieces you could purchase at their booth.


Competition areas were sectioned off all around the showroom with gamers stationed at their units playing games like Halo 4, League of Legends, StarCraft II and many more over the course of the weekend. Competitive gaming wasn’t all there was to do, however, as there was plenty available to the non-competition crowd. Spectators could partake in sessions on all of the aforementioned games, even Halo 4, as well as a few other select titles I will have hands-on impressions of soon like Far Cry 3, Shootmania and God of War: Ascension (you can read our Eurogamer Expo Impressions right here.)

Overall, MLG is becoming more than just a location for gamers to compete competitively, it’s becoming a full-blown weekend event for gamers of all types to enjoy. Whether you enjoyed watching the best in the world play games against one another, checking out demos of unreleased games, or just socializing with thousands of gamers from all over the place – there was a lot to do at the MLG Fall Championships.

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