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[Music Video] Rick Ross – Ashamed

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Rick Ross “The Bawse” has dropped brand new visuals for his song titled “Ashamed” from his last album “God Forgives, I Don’t“.

Produced by Cool & Dre, “Ashamed” is a song dedicated to the come up of “The Bawse”. The song starts off in a very typical Rick Ross fashion,

Got on my darkest shades, this man is made/
Inherit no riches, Jehovah’s my witness/
Physical fitness, home economics/
In the kitchen digital scales producing the product/

He then recounts the times when his mother was on minimum wage and talks about how he wants to help her out,

I needed some change, mama needed a raise/
She stayed in a rage, hated minimum wage/
I’m feeling the same, all these criminals paid
Wearing Bally’s and gold, I’m selling dope shameless to say/

The video is situated in his mansion with his female companion. A baby lion also makes a cameo appearance as it chews on Rick Ross‘ fur coat (dafuq?).

Some can forgive Rick Ross for the lack of variety in his subject matter and style of videos because of the production choices he makes. However, “Ashamed” is more of the same from Rick Ross sonically and visually.

Are you feeling the song/video? Drop a comment below. rrrRRUGH!

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