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The 20 Most Impressive GTA V Snapmatic Pictures

Last year we looked back at 20 of the most outrageous GTA V Snapmatic pictures after 6 weeks since Rockstar’s big blockbuster game release Grand Theft Auto V.

Some time has passed since then and we felt it was only right to see what else the Grand Theft Auto online community has created using their in-game Snapmatic mobile phone app.

After visiting Rockstar’s GTA V Social Club website, it is clear to see that there are some talented photographers out there who have captured plenty of impressive visuals.

Therefore, we have compiled a list (in no particular order) of the 20 most impressive GTA V Snapmatic pictures. These pictures are commended for their effort, organisation, planning and overall impressive photography.

20 – yannvlm – San Andreas

yannvlm captured another player descending from the sky.
yannvlm captured another player descending from the sky.

19 – Ayreon01 – “Workin Hard”

As Biggie once said, “Don’t be mad, UPS is hiring!”

18 – JimnyCGRL – Mount Gordo

JimnyCGRL captured a moment shared between a Jeep and the Moon on Mount Gordo.
JimnyCGRL captured a moment shared between a Jeep and the Moon on Mount Gordo.

17 – VideoGameRobert – Mount Gordo

VideoGameRobert - Mount Gordo
Speaking of moments shared – VideoGameRobert caught one between this cougar and motorcycle on Mount Gordo.

16 – Chuttbeeks – Boulevard Del Perro

Chuttbeeks - Boulevard Del Perro
Chuttbeeks took this impressive picture and utilized Los Santos’ sunset and Snapmatic’s filters.

15 – MIAU-Zezus – San Andreas

MIAU-Zezus - San Andreas
A similar picture to the previous entry, MIAU-Zezus caught this car’s pearlescent paint job in the night lights.

 14 – Angeredpostman – Mirror Park

Angeredpostman - Mirror Park
Angeredpostman caught the sunset hiding behind Los Santos, reflecting in the water of Mirror Park.

13 – MAKAVELl – Rockford Hills

MAKAVELl - Rockford Hills
MAKAVELl paid homage to Ferrari by arranging this picture.

12 – KidFromBroker – “Join the Leone Family”

KidFromBroker - Join the Leone Family
KidFromBroker captured a moment of chaos from “The Leone Family”.

11 – jermstone – Vespucci Beach

jermstone - Vespucci Beach
jermstone took this impressive image which would probably grace a Los Santos tourist brochure.

10 – jBhIpS – “Гольф-клуб”

jBhIpS - Гольф-клуб
jBhIpS parked his Albany Roosevelt outside the Richman Hotel to create this snap.

9 – NineD6 – Vespucci Beach

NineD6 - Vespucci Beach
Snapmatic’s filters makes this violent mobster look impressive.

8 – ZealousZelda – San Andreas

ZealousZelda - San Andreas
ZealousZelda took us back to LA Noire by using GTA V’s Valentine’s Day Massacre DLC.

7 – shorty2001 – San Andreas

shorty2001 - San Andreas
Another moment from years past captured via Snapmatic.

6 – DutchStoner – “Ganja Outlaws”

DutchStoner - Ganja Outlaws
DutchStoner lives up to his name by cleverly arranging this picture. Snoop Lion will be proud!

5 – Aizcold – “Dreaming of Vice City”

Aizcold - Dreaming of Vice City
Aizcold found this graffiti wall and took inspiration from it to go and get a matching paint job on his car.

4 – Banjabi – Pillbox Hill

Banjabi - Pillbox Hill
Banjabi and friends brought a lot of organised colour to the MazeBank building rooftop!

3 – MiissLoOuU – East Vinewood

MiissLoOuU - East Vinewood
To create awareness for breast cancer, MiissLoOuU planned out this image in East Vinewood.

2 – schoolboy129 – “Vault 10#”

schoolboy129 - Vault 10#
schoolboy129 is quite the artist with his firearms!

1 – BANDICOOT-RUS – “Iron Butterfly”

BANDICOOT-RUS - Iron Butterfly
BANDICOOT-RUS turned his Infernus into a matching butterfly in this impressive and creative shot.

After viewing these images, there is no doubt that there are some talented and creative people playing Grand Theft Auto V. Thanks to the Snapmatic app, they are able to create these impressive pictures.

Do you think you have seen or even created more impressive pictures on your Social Club account? Share them in the comments section below.