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New Hyrule Warriors Screenshots Reveal New Playable Character and Villain

Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou in Japan), the Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors spinoff in development exclusively for the Wii U, is just a few months away from release in Japan. Nintendo posted an official Hyrule Warriors website recently, which includes a ton of new screenshots and art work, in addition to confirmation of a brand new playable character never seen in any game before – Impa. In all Zelda lore, Impa serves as Zelda’s personal bodyguard and servant of the Royal Family.

If these screenshots are any indication, it looks like Hyrule Warriors is shaping up to be quite an interesting experience. The fast-paced gameplay could lend itself well to the wide breadth of weapon choices in the Zelda universe and with enough creative game design choices, what seemed like an almost comical crossover, could turn out to be incredible. The opportunity for exploring the lore of Hyrule itself, as a kingdom, rather than just the personal adventures of Link, sounds like an amazing opportunity.

Check out the screenshots down below for more details and make sure you head over to the official Japanese site for the game right here.