Destiny Will Be Live on Twitch

Check out Destiny live streams here!

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Bungie has announced they will be airing gameplay footage of Destiny on Twitch! Starting at 12 am pacific time, if you were some of the unfortunate few who were unable to buy the game, download it, pre-order was pushed back or what ever the reason. You can watch all the action on Twitch!

Destiny will be airing for 6 whole days starting in less than an hour and actually, there is some of the gameplay footage being aired as I type! Everything you need to knowing is right here at The Koalition! Join us as we embark on history in the making!

Tuesday, September 9th
Wednesday, September 10th 
Thursday, September 11th 
Friday, September 12th
Saturday, September 13th 
Sunday, September 14th 


Don’t miss out!

Source: Bungie

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