Common – War [Hip-Hop]

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Following a relatively quiet year, rapper/actor Common returns to the mic with a new single titled “War”. Teaming with No I.D. on production, Common speaks on the violence and tragedy that effects his stomping grounds of Chicago. Always a socio-politico rapper, Common makes his stand with this new single and upcoming project Nobody Smiling.

The light treble and horns of the marching beat production serve as a metaphorical “call to action” for listeners to stop the violence and make a change to the turmoil that plague the city streets.

The new track definitely shows off a more serious side of the Midwest emcee, but doesn’t really incite me to get out of my seat and start a campaign.

There is no denying that Chitown is not one of the safest cities in the country and Common is definitely doing his part to put an end to his frustrations. Take a listen and download the new single as you prepare to take back the streets in protest.