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Journey and Unfinished Swan Developers Targeting 60fps; Cross-Buy Compatibility and 1080p Confirmed

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Earlier today, Sony announced that two of its most critically acclaimed games, Journey and The Unfinished Swan will be getting ported to the PlayStation 4. This is great news of course but some gamers wanted to know specifics such as how the games will differ graphically from their PlayStation 3 counterparts. Thankfully, they were able to get some of these answers.

In the comments section of the announcement post on the PlayStation Blog, Aaron Kaufman who is the Community Strategist for Santa Monica Studio directly answered fans’ questions about the game.

Journey and The Unfinished Swan for the PlayStation 4 are being developed by Tricky Pixels and Armature Studio (respectively) and both studios will be producing the games with 1080p graphics. 60 frames per second hasn’t been confirmed yet but that is something that is being aimed for.

Since these games are both available on the PlayStation 3, the question of whether they would be cross-buy compatible came up. This feature was confirmed. Those who buy the games on the PlayStation 4 will have the option of downloading them for other platforms on the PSN. The same works in reverse: if you already own these games then you can download them for the PlayStation 4.

Though some may bemoan previous-gen games getting ported over to current-gen, it does give us something to play while we wait for new titles to be released. With games of this caliber however there isn’t much reason to complain. The PlayStation 4 library will benefit from having these two games in it.

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