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Sony Announces 10 Million PlayStation 4 Units Sold

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Though Sony’s current-gen PlayStation 4 console has only been out in the wild for nine months, it has managed to sell an astounding amount of units. During their Gamescom presentation today in Germany, the hardware giant revealed that as of November 2013, over 10 million PlayStation 4s have been sold.

What’s significant about this number is that this is the amount sold to actual customers. This isn’t the amount of units shipped but which are currently in people’s homes. This is to be expected considering that the PlayStation 4 was priced at $399 for most of its still young life while its direct competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One, was priced at $499 until this past E3.

This is obviously great news not only for Sony but for the people who have bought the PS4 who will no doubt see even more games being developed for the console.

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