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Microsoft Loses Over $400 Million on the Xbox One

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Though things have been looking better lately for Microsoft’s Xbox One, the latest financial report from the company shows that there is still a lot of ground to recover. According to the report, Microsoft has lost well over $400 million on their current-gen console.

While they managed to sell 11.7 million consoles (both Xbox One and Xbox 360) in the fiscal year of 2014 which lead to a revenue increase of $1.7 billion, this was offset by the $2.1 billion they spent on the production and advertising of the Xbox One.

This is obviously bad news for the company but it isn’t exactly a dire situation just yet. The console has been gaining traction ever since its price was lowered to $399 which has put it on equal competitive ground with Sony’s PlayStation 4. We also have to keep in mind that the XBO hasn’t even been out for a full year so there is plenty of time for MS to rebound from these loses.

Source: The Independent

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