The Morning Gamer – 12/02/2014

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Welcome to another installment of The Morning Gamer. In this podcast, Torrence Davis (former Editor-in-Chief of The Bit Bag and STFUandPLAY) takes some time before he heads off to work to give his thoughts on recent happenings in the video game industry.

The first topic is about The Game Awards and The PlayStation Experience event. Despite Geoff Keighley saying that this game awards show will be the best, Torrence doesn’t believe it . Tor expects a bunch of CG trailers and announcements for games we won’t see for a long time–two things he doesn’t particularly care for. He also talks about how if Sony doesn’t show The Last Guardian at this event that it will be a waste of everyone’s time.

The second topic is on the current-gen war. Microsoft appears to have won Black Friday with many retailers saying they sold more Xbox One systems than others. Torrence believes that with the Xbox One being competitively priced that it can attract people who were put off getting the system because of its original $499 price. He also believes that this generation’s console war is about price and not the games since both systems have most of the same titles.

Finally, Torrence questions the notion of Sony being “for the gamer.” Tor has never understood this since, at the end of the day, both companies are about profit. The assertion that Sony has more games that gamers care about seems silly to him since (again) both of their libraries are nearly identical. He believes that Sony isn’t actually for the gamers because they don’t focus on software as much as Microsoft and Nintendo do and how the PSN is always down for maintenance.


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