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5 Playable Characters We Want to See in Hyrule Warriors

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Dynasty Warriors games are always well-known for not only their over the top action, but the sheer breadth of characters to choose from. While there simply aren’t enough important characters in the Zelda universe that could be playable when compared to the Dynasty Warriors games (close to 100) there are surely enough to add diversity. Furthermore, so many characters in the Zelda franchise are restricted to either 1) Not being in Hyrule or 2) Reserved to specific time periods. As such, I have decided to keep this list relatively grounded and predictable, as it would be silly to include characters like Shiek, Midna, Skull Kid, or other various characters that are only in specific time periods of Zelda lore.

The recent reveal of Impa as a playable character is big news for the game, but it leaves me wondering who else could be fighting in this epic battle for Hyrule? Check out our list of 5 playable characters we want to see in Hyrule Warriors!

Hyrule Warriors should basically be this piece of art brought to life.

5) Various Hyrule Knights and Soldiers

Maybe I’m boring, but the idea of playing as a rank-and-file soldier of Hyrule is really appealing to me. An option like this would make the game much more believable and would add more context to Hyrule as a kingdom, rather than just a location for epic adventures starring Link. Every interaction with knights of Hyrule in the series have been limited at best, so this is a great opportunity to give us more insight into the customs and culture of Hyrule Castle itself, not just the dangers of its surrounding countryside.

They probably won’t be singing kumbaya by the fire in this game, though.

4) Different Races and Factions

Hyrule is a land full of rich history with tons of races, factions, kingdoms, and creatures of which to tap for interesting gameplay elements. Before you assume I’m just talking about the Goron and Zora, which I am of course, you should also consider just how deep the Zelda rabbit hole goes. There are Gerudo, Kokiri, Sheikah, Stalfos, Moblins, and many more to choose from. One particularly appealing idea, would be for each faction or race to have an entire army, complete with a few primary hero troops that fight at the head of battles. There is so much potential here, I hope they don’t squander the opportunity.

She is just as deadly as she is beautiful.

3) Zelda

Link is the primary hero of the franchise without a doubt, but Zelda is the princess that he is always having to save. It would be great to see her employ some of the abilities we see in the Super Smash Bros. series in this game on large swaths of troops in a 3D environment. The Princess of Hyrule taking up arms to fight for her kingdom against the forces of evil alongside her trusted protectors Link and Impa, that’s an entry in the Hyrule Historia I hope to see added one of these days.

king of hyrule
The King should finally get his time in the spotlight!

2) The King of Hyrule

For such a powerful man, he is often relegated to the background in Zelda games. Only very briefly have players ever interacted with the King in a Zelda game – he has an almost mythical stature in the land. In fact, the King is such a secretive individual, the developers would have almost complete freedom in designing his character for this game. If Hyrule Warriors is meant to be a large-scale battle in the kingdom of Hyrule, it only makes sense that the King of Hyrule himself, Zelda’s father, would make an appearance on the front lines.

Words are not needed for this piece of artwork.

1) Ganondorf

This is really a no-brainer. Any game featuring characters from the Zelda franchise that lets you play as more than just Link, should obviously include Ganondorf as a playable character. Being able to play the game and see the story from his point of view would be icnredible and could be a great opportunity to humanize the important villain. He already has an entire repetoire of attacks in the Smash Bros. series and his potential for large, crowd-control-esque abilities is unmatched. This is the addition that would truly take this game to the next level and make it a must-buy.

Who Do You Want to See in Hyrule Warriors?

There are so many characters to pick from in this series, it was hard to narrow it down to just 5. I wanted to keep my choices grounded in actual Hyrule lore, rather than pull from other lands in the franchise, Are there any favorites that you’d like to see make an appearance in Hyrule Warriors? Let us know down in the comments below!

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