QuESt “Struggle Rapper” [Hip Hop]

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I’m looking for some answers
When n****s that you started with seem to master the art of it
And climb beyond the stances
Reminiscing when Kendrick was prepping on dropping OD
When Cole released the warm up, on my mama I had cold feet
Fast forward a couple years later, you see the time pass
Like what progression have I made, excuses made
At some point my jealousy raging
When I should be looking inside
But I don’t want to face it, save it
Plus I’m dealing with life sh*t
Like how the f**k I’m finna pay my light sh*t
Support a 9 to 5 or full time just rhyme sh*t
Choking on this music while it has me in a Heimlich
The same that saved me can destroy me, what a science”

If you’ve been listening to The Playlist, this Florida native artist has been making waves the last three weeks as he moves toward the release of his VMG debut album “Searching Sylvan”. In “Struggle Rapper” QuESt doesn’t attack the status quo as one would assume that title infers, he breaks down his own struggle with nearly reaching notoriety and falling flat. The brutal honesty prevalent from open to close is piercing, leaving an impression on me as a listener and a man with his own ambitions. Give this song a spin and share your thoughts below.

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