Bungie Giving Players Free Destiny Legendary Item This Week

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Everyone likes free stuff, right? Well, Bungie knows this and is set to deliver a goodie to all Destiny players this week by giving them a free Legendary item.

This news comes directly from the horse’s mouth via Twitter:

This gift could be the promised Christmas present which players never got thanks to the holiday attacks on both PSN and XBL.

We don’t quite know for sure what the Legendary item will be but some are speculating.

On Reddit, user JGP793 says that it could be a Ghost Shell, while user crayshea says it might be the Legendary Sparrow EV-32 Snowblind. They came to these conclusions because during Destiny‘s Halloween update, Bungie added a new Sparrow to the game files which was referred to as the “snowflake” Sparrow. This Sparrow was argued to be the Christmas gift which itself could be the Legendary item which players will receive.

For now, just keep checking on Destiny to find out what the item could be. We’ll keep you guys updated.

Source: Bungie on Twitter

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