Leaving Bloodborne On For 12 Hours Activates Easy Mode

This is the easiest way to escape death.

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This past weekend, Reddit user Meatballz discovered a significant issue that makes Bloodborne easier after the game has been running for 12 hours straight. This can currently be achieved by turning off the PS4 power saving options and leaving the game on all night long. After doing this, bosses become easier to deal with and players are able to escape death more frequently.

This bug is the latest in a series a bugs that have plagued the game since launch, but have already been patched out by the developers. The previous issue had to do with a particular item that kept being duplicated in-game and allowed players to progress through the game at an easier and quicker pace.

Bloodborne is currently the best PS4 exclusive on the market right now. While bugs are usually expected with every type of game, my hope is that From Software addresses this issue as soon as possible to avoid further criticism from fans. This is a game that is highly praised for being brutally challenging and thus players shouldn’t be able to cheat to beat the game.

Have any of you encountered this or any other issues while playing Bloodborne? If so, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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