Lupe Fiasco Announces The Society of Spoken Art

Has Lupe Fiasco started a Lyrical Guild?

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Around the launch of Tetsuo & Youth, who’s release officially released him from contraction obligation to Atlantic records, Lupe vaguely spoke on aspirations to potentially work with like-minded artists. Soon after the release, he detailed various methods of writing he experimented with and his desire for artists to test themselves creatively.

Potentially a crossing of these two ideals, Lupe has announced The Society of Spoken Art. The only info we truly have to go by thus far, other than an application for said group, is this:

“The sole mission of The Society of Spoken Art is to create fellowship among Rappers and MCs across the globe with the goal of progressing and cultivating the art form of Rap through workshop, coaching, development programs, mentorships, intense study, and practice based on a diverse and immersive curriculum.”

Theories will run wild as many attempt to figure to end goal of this announcement or whether it will lead to an official artist label or collective, but the premise is most certainly exciting. Stay tuned.

Source: LupeEND Blog

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