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Levels: The Nail in the Coffin on Meek Mill vs Drake

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If you hadn’t heard, Meek Mill took to twitter to air out some dirty laundry concerning Drake and a few reference tracks. Social Media took to this news and a brand new major Hip Hop conflict was born. The beef found Drake in rare form early, though, and the world learned that the gap between Meek and Drake was even more vast than initially expected. Check it out as Profex and Joe Hova drop knowledge and close out this chapter of Hip Hop beef for good.


Joe Hova

RIP Meek Mill. You had a solid run but now it’s just sad. Out on your girl’s tour and dropping half hearted diss freestyles. GET UP, CRAIG! And not only that but you sparked the beef with the hottest person in hip-hop and then had the nerve to retract and say it was about Nicki Minaj. Drake waited a few days and dropped “Charged Up” after the initial Twitter rant. Then when there was no response from Meek on record, he hits him with a Stone Cold Stunner on “Back To Back”. Then, at OVO Fest, Drake hit Meek with the Tombstone piledriver and ended it. Plus let’s not forget that Drake has one more diss track in the chamber just in case Meek wanted to act up again. Got bodied by a singing…you get the point.

This is how Meek lost this battle that he started: he didn’t respond to the “is that a world tour or ya girl’s tour line”. He hasn’t tweeted since “trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers” as well. He’s getting sued by the Undertaker for using his theme music for his crappy diss track (which the Undertaker said he wouldn’t have sued if it was a good song). And not only that but Drake is MAKING MONEY off of his diss song. “Back To Back” is charting as we speak. This is chess, not checkers and Meek got destroyed.



Mad respect to both artists for carving the lanes they have, but color me dumbfounded. When this entire thing jumped off, I imagined Meek Mill would at least be able to keep things remotely interesting for two reasons. One, he started it. I mean, one would expect the person to jump this off to be prepared to back up his claims in a dope way. Second, he has a known rap battle background. Drake‘s current spot in Hip Hop wasn’t threatened truly with this beef, but maybe Meek could bring competition to the mainstream scene. Who’d have thought Drake would end up elevating himself while simultaneously burying Mill?

Joe Hova addresses a good deal of how Meek buries himself up above, but let’s glance and how Drake maximized the opportunity. Not only did Drake respond with the catchy 2nd round KO that is “Back to Back”, he used social media (namely Twitter & Instagram) to destroy Meek Mill with a slide of hilarious memes running during his performance of his responses. Another testament to the gap between Drake and Meek Mill is the fact that “Back 2 Back”, an quickly improvised response track, debuted at #21 on the Billboard charts well over any Meek Mill songs at the time. If any more songs hit the web like “3 Peat” or the teased track at the end of “Wanna Know”, consider them bonuses. This battle is way over and Meek should turn his focus to being a family man.


This conflict, though truly entertaining, is ultimately over. To add further evidence to that fact, Meek Mill has deleted his only response of music, “Wanna Know”, from his Soundcloud. Maybe he and his crew wised up and decided to quit rather than bury themselves even deeper. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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