Recreate Kanye West, J Dilla & 9th Wonder Tracks With Sample Stitch Game

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You can now recreate some classic Hip-Hop tracks from Kanye West, J Dilla and 9th Wonder using a new interactive beat-making game.

Created by Data Scientist Matt Daniels, “Sample Stitch” allows users to implement their keyboard into the beat making process.

The game was created in order to show the complexities of sampling in producing Hip-Hop.

“Sample Stitch” contains 3 classic tracks from Kanye West with “Otis“, 9th Wonder with Impressknowsoul” and J Dilla’s “Don’t Cry“. The game also lets you record and post your creation onto Facebook and Twitter.

Matt Dainels wrote on the site:

“I’ve been re-constructing hip hop songs from their original samples, and every time I’ve been fascinated by the producer’s choices, I wish that more people understood this process and gift, so I’ve re-created the process of chopping up a sample, just as a producer would.”

Click here to try out the Sample Stitch game.

Kanye West, J Dilla, 9th Wonder
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