Mighty No. 9 Delayed Yet Again

How not to run your Kickstarter 101

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After making nearly $4 million on Kickstarter back in September 2013, it seem as if Mighty No. 9, the game made by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, is being delayed again, now the third time the game has been pushed back.

In a note to the backers of the game, Inafune once again notes that the inclusion of multiplayer factors has hindered the games release (the same issues that caused it’s last delay) and has not included a release date at all for the time being, instead saying they “realistically expect it to be in Spring 2016”.

While Inafune did note that the entire team is apologetic, fans and backers of the game seem to have reached their breaking point, noting in the comments that the constant delay of the game make them not even want to play it at this point. While the strive for perfection is needed (you’d rather not ship a broken game), the fact that Inafune and his team have announced the delays so close to release three times now – the original delay came just weeks before the game was to be released, and it seems to be a pattern now – must be tough for backers.

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