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Kanye Has Crappy Handwriting, Reveals “Swish” Tracklist

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I can’t wait to send this to my little brother and show him that Kanye West has crappier handwriting than him. Seriously, my brother’s handwriting looks like that of a person that has a pointer finger on one hand and thumb-pinky on the other.


Yeezus tweeted this out last night saying, “happy to be finished with the album”. So that probably means it’s finally done and all we have to do is be patient and wait on February 11th to get here. Coming in at ten tracks, three of them that we’ve already heard, it will be interesting to see how this album sounds compared to the dumpster fire that Yeezus was in 2013. Also, comment below and see if you can make out all of those tracks because some of those don’t even look like real words.  Maybe this is why some of Kanye’s “old plaques still say Kane”.

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