Check Out Pokemon’s Take On a Super Bowl Commercial

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With the stage now set for Super Bowl 50, companies will spend the next two weeks preparing for the marketing blitz that they must put on during the show. While we haven’t seen a lot of the commercials that will be debuting for the big game, we know of at least one company that has thrown some money into creating an ad…Nintendo. That’s right, for this years game, we’ll be treated with a minute-long ad from The Pokemon Company.

For the first 40 seconds or so, we’re treated to a ton of inspirational shots of people doing things (running, chess, and football), before we finally see a hint of the brand (“Like No One Ever Was” might remind you all of a certain theme song). After that, it’s right into an arena filled with people cheering someone on as they try to battle (or catch) some Pokemon. While the commercial itself is fairly awesome, it doesn’t do a great job of advertising much of anything.

Pokemon is planning on celebrating it’s 20th anniversary hard with re-releases of the original games, but all this commercial does is make us question if it was worth the multi-million dollar price tag that came along.

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