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The Best VR Games To Play In 2020

Virtual Reality has now truly arrived as a mainstream entertainment technology. Many casual consumers are now investing in good VR headsets that are being produced by companies like Oculus, Sony, HTC, and HP. There are even options for those low on a budget like Google Cardboard which can be used with your smartphone for an entry-level VR experience.

Most VR users use this technology to play games. VR games are known to provide an absolutely 100 percent immersive experience where the wearer is immediately transported to another world unlike a game like Minecraft about which you can read here. This is probably why companies like Facebook have declared that they are investing heavily in virtual reality technology as they see this as the future of social interaction. They have even bought over Oculus which is releasing the second version of their popular headset Quest. Even Microsoft has their fingers in the VR pie with their Windows Mixed Reality. The possibilities of virtual reality are endless and so are the games being created on it. There are tons of VR games to get lost in for hours at end and we have listed out some of our favorites for you.


Half-Life Alyx

Half-Life Alyx is the third game in the Half-Life series and has been developed purely for a VR experience. As the protagonist Alyx, your job is to fight your way through a city taken over by aliens and steal their superweapon. If you have played Half-Life 2 when it was out 13 years ago, you know what you are getting into. However, the VR experience takes the whole game to another level. You can even control the fingers on your hand with the controllers and even use your hands to open doors and throw objects at your enemies. The game has been receiving rave reviews from technology publications like Wired and is slated to be a complete game-changer in the industry.


Beat Saber

Beat Saber is probably the most played VR game ever. It is termed as a rhythm game and is very similar to the hugely popular Guitar Hero. Much like the Guitar Hero, this is pure entertainment for the entire family and it involves using a virtual saber to cut blocks of musical notes that come flying at you. The background is very thumpy and the developers have even released a compilation of all the tracks used.


Superhot VR

Superhot is supposed to be a hugely addictive VR game that has a very simple mission. You have to beat the living daylights out of all the random faceless enemies who come at you from all directions. This game used to be available on regular browsers until the developers thankfully decided to make a VR version. Everything is in slow-motion to begin with but as you proceed through the levels, the speed keeps increasing and you basically have to dodge or kick the things coming at you.

There are many other interesting VR games like Defector, No Man’s Sky, and Vader Immortal. You could even try playing the highly amusing Trover Saves The Universe.

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