VENN Unveils Part One Of Their Upcoming Live Entertainment Slate On Broadcast Television

Earlier today, VENN aka the Video Game Entertainment and News Network unveiled Part One of their largest live entertainment slate on broadcast television. Starting on August 5th, all programming will be delivered from Vista Studios in Playa Vista, Los Angeles, and include broadcasting talent and creative shows to keep gamers engaged 24/7. Below is a quick overview of the exciting schedule so far:


VENN ARCADE LIVE – A celebration of all things gaming and pop culture, packed into a daily variety show. Hosted by fan-favorite League of Legends Championship Series host James ‘Dash’ Patterson among others soon-to-be-announced, VAL will feature guest appearances, live performances, interactive gameplay, and unparalleled audience participation from the hottest gamers, streamers, celebrities, athletes, musicians, and rising stars. Filmed on the main Studio A set, and filled with daily surprises, VAL will drive the pop culture conversation.

DARE PACKAGE – The unboxing genre will never be the same. The world’s biggest streamers take on extreme challenges in this live competition format. Each week VENN airdrops real-life loot crates filled with mystery challenges – from solving Mensa-level puzzles to eating pickled brains – LIVE into streamers’ homes. Dare Package is hosted by the legendary @AustinOnTwitter, a modern-day Oz who’s built a record-breaking fanbase from his earliest days of gaming into an empire of live reality tv

“It’s been a dream of mine to elevate my shows to TV Network quality productions,’ said Austin, content creator and VENN host. “VENN will help unlock the scale and scope of entertainment I’ve been looking forward to creating.”

GUEST HOUSE – Each weekday afternoon VENN is inviting gaming’s biggest names, rising stars, and beloved creators to choose their own adventure and customize their own two-hour tv show. Hosted by performing artist and gamer @ChrissyConstanza (lead singer of Against The Current), Guest House will take the concept of “streaming entertainment” to a whole new level. “Guest House” provides guest creators with access to the ultimate streaming space, packed with the latest tech and audience interactivity tools, and backed by the support of a full broadcast production team.

THE SUSHIDRAGON SHOW – 50% Imagineer, 50% dancing dragon, and 100% drinkable internet, no one who has entered the mind of @TheSushiDragon has ever quite been the same. Hosted by the eclectic and eccentric performance artist and streamer, The SushiDragon Show is variety, talk, performance, and interactivity rolled into a bananas performance featuring musicians, artists and creators – and, of course, high energy dancing set against metaverse bending digital environments.

LOOKING FOR GAINS – Who says gamers can’t be athletes? Hosted by YouTube sensation and competitive NBA2K Pro @CashNasty – best known for his blend of gaming, basketball, and comedy content – LFG is VENN’s new interactive fitness show. Each week Cash welcomes a special celebrity guest to the ultimate quarantine workout, where viewers join the #LFGSquad and get after it live with Cash and guests. This show has it all, from exercises you can do at home, to celebrity Q&A, shake recipes, and more.

Stayed tuned for more details on future shows that will be highlighted in the weeks ahead. Also, feel free to visit for more details.

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