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Today Is Yesterday. And Yesterday Is Also Today. – An Interview With Palm Springs’ Tyler Hoechlin

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Tyler Hoechlin in this year’s best comedy.

Directed by Max Barbakow, Palm Springs takes the exhausted “trapped in a time Loop” concept and breathes the freshest of life into this laugh-out-loud, lighthearted raunchy comedy.

Centered around Brooklyn-99 star Andy Samberg and How I Met Your Mother actress Cristin Milioti, Palm Springs is the perfect escapism that will uplift your mood while teaching you a valuable lesson about life, it’s complications and sweetest moments.

Palm Springs' review: Hulu rom-com finds joy in repetition - Los ...

Unsurprisingly, the film sold to Hulu and Neon for $17.5 million, making it the most expensive festival deal in history by 69 cents. Word later got out that the two companies actually spent $22 million to purchase the Lonely Island-produced comedy. Why the massive deal? The movie speaks for itself.

The Koalition spoke to Tyler Hoechlin  who plays the groom about time-loops, the improving and what life lessons he picked up when filming the movie.

Check out our interview below.

Hulu’s Palm Springs releases on July 10th.

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