How To Build Your Own Arcade At Home

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Some people would like regular updates made for the house, such as a pool for their home. Others might fancy a sun house or a conservatory, and then you get those who just want what they want.

Deep down, it is fair to say with certainty that those who would love an arcade in their house are probably secretly not actually few and far between, which is why this piece will guide you on how to build your very own arcade at home.  

Decide What You Want Your Arcade to Look Like

This is your time to dream and plan what the ideal arcade looks like to you. As you can imagine, there are so many options for creating an arcade, including whether you want more than one machine in your home. For simplicity’s sake, let us focus on building a DIY arcade machine, rather than three of them plus a go-kart machine — one step at a time.

When it comes to building your own arcade machine, the aesthetics, the vibe, and the practicalities all play a role in making the arcade machine that is envisioned. Jot down everything you can think of, from the colors to the style, if there will be any animations or themes, and get a vision of what your ideal arcade looks like.

Don’t forget to think about the games you would like to play too!

What You Will Need to Make Your Arcade Machine

There are a few things you will need to gather to make your arcade machine, which may or may not be floating around your house. But before you go and take a cabinet from your bedroom thinking your other half will not notice, decide if you want to work from an already-built cabinet to modify or whether you will be building your cabinet from scratch, as these will both require very different tools and materials.

Other options can include refurbishing an old authentic arcade machine casing, or for the best of both worlds, there are also DIY kits!

Building a machine from the ground up is arguably the biggest task out of all the options as you will have to do everything from scratch. But sometimes that is part of the fun! Check out this handy guide for an in-depth guide for starting from the beginning.

For those who like an easier ride, browse through Bitcade for some impressive flatpack kits to take a lot of the hard work out!

Other Things to Consider When Building an Arcade Machine

All of this doesn’t look cheap, does it? And unless you know someone who works in an arcade who is willing to sneak you out a machine, expenses can build up pretty fast. For projects like this that need a quick injection of cash, try Cash loans to get this show on the road.

And one final thing to consider is space! Where will your new arcade machine be placed? And more importantly, will there be room for another one?

Make a space in advance and make sure it is all measured up so you are not left disappointed with having to change any layouts or plans!

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