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How Gentrification Affected Coming 2 America, Eddie Murphy On Bringing Back Sexual Chocolate

In Coming 2 America, three decades and three beautiful daughters later, Akeem prepares to take over the reigns of his homeland of Zamunda. As antiquated gender roles are being challenged within his home, he is also faced with a new dilemma on the outside. While tradition has always required a male heir to take the throne, Akeem feels torn between following custom and creating change. While considering his eldest daughter, Meeka, who is the strongest choice, his rival, General Izzi, is plotting a union of dynasties with his son, Idi, as Meeka’s groom. Meanwhile, an ailing King Joffer delivers the shocking news that Akeem has a long-lost son, Lavelle, in Queens.

After an unexpected turn of events, Akeem, now the King of Zamunda, along with his trusted confidante, Semmi, return to New York to tend to this unfinished royal family business. Upon finding Lavelle, Akeem convinces him to travel to Zamunda in order to learn the customs of royal life in preparation for becoming the heir to the throne. While Akeem smooths tensions with his wife and three daughters, General Izzi decides that his daughter, Bopoto, will become Lavelle’s wife. All the while, Lavelle is falling in love with his royal barber, Mirembe, who has dreams of owning her own barbershop.

First Look: 'Coming 2 America' Photos Featuring Eddie Murphy and Shari Headley – Free Press of Jacksonville

Just over three decades ago, on June 26, 1988, to be exact, Eddie Murphy introduced moviegoers to Prince Akeem, the heir to the throne of the magical land of Zamunda and now the much-anticipated sequel follows the ever-unfolding story of the Joffers, the royal family of the land of Zamunda. While the passage of time has resulted in a few changes in the country, some traditions, especially inside the palace, are stuck in the past. As King Jaffe Joffer nears the end of his life, the spotlight turns to Prince Akeem and the inevitable transfer of power. There’s also the burning question of who will become his heir.

Akeem and Lisa have settled into a cozy life, but like most families, there are the occasional disagreements to settle. Akeem and Lisa’s evolution as husband-and-wife, parents and soon-to-be elders is both relatable and universal.

Coming 2 America' Debuts One Day Early on Amazon Prime | Hollywood Reporter

“In Coming To America, an African prince travels to America to find a regular girl and he brings her back to make her his princess. It’s a modern fairytale that a lot of people love and also, it was the very first time they ever had a movie with Black folks, where you had kings and queens,” Eddie Murphy says. “This film is a really cool continuation of that story and I want people to have a great experience while watching it.”

And there certainly could not be a sequel without Reverend Brown (Hall), Randy Watson (Murphy) and his legendary band, Sexual Chocolate, or the My-T-Sharp barbershop crew, who are still cutting up and clipping hair on the same block, in the same spot, despite all of the gentrification in Queens. Seeing Soul Glo hair products displayed around the shop makes it seem as though time has stood still for Clarence and Saul (Murphy), Morris (Hall) and Sweets (Clint Smith), but they’re not short on sharing their flagrant opinions about current events.

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“It’s like getting a chance to step into a time machine, but like the best time machine, ever,” as Murphy and Hall slip back into the multiple characters that are so beloved by fans. “Knowing that [we’re] friends in real life and actually working together again, you can really feel the energy in our scenes.”

As for why this is the perfect time to take movie goers back to Zamunda and Queens, Eddie Murphy sums it up in a few words. “This movie is funny and it also has sweet, emotional moments, too,” he says. “It’s escapism, it’s entertainment and everybody needs a good laugh. I’m really proud of how this picture turned out. Coming 2 America is a breath of fresh air.”

Coming 2 America is available now on Amazon Prime.

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