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‘I’m Concerned for Him’ Ragdoll Sneak Peek Ep.103 – Exclusive Clip

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“So this was all planned. Nick Hooper didn’t miraculously escape the killer. The killer deliberately sent him running back to us.” – Rose

In our exclusive AMC+’s Ragdoll episode 3 clip, Rose’s erratic behavior raises questions for Edmunds, but Baxter won’t listen. With the killer one step ahead, her plans to protect the third victim go awry with devastating consequences and, frustratingly, they are forced to watch the Ragdoll killer’s horrific plans play out.

Ragdoll follows disgraced detective DS Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) has just been reinstated to the London police when he and his colleagues, newly promoted DI Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira) and young American ingenue, DC Lake Edmunds (Lucy Hale) are called to a grim discovery in a block of flats. A “ragdoll” hangs from the ceiling, made up of six different body parts. When a hit list is released naming six more victims due to die, the team must race against time with the killer creating ever more ingenious methods to murder their victims. With a suspicious Edmunds looking into Rose’s ever increasing erratic behavior, Rose sets out on a secret investigation to find the killer before it’s too late.

Check out the clip in the video below.

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