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Love Is A Battlefield On An Air Mattress: An Interview With You, Me & My Ex’s Kayee Lovey

From the network that brought you the 90 Day Fiance franchise, comes another entertaining hit with the reality series You, Me, And My Ex. Drama doesn’t even begin to define the show that asks how can anyone co-exist peacefully with their ex and their ex’s new partner? Jessica, Jerry, and his girlfriend, Kayee, are here to answer just that and fans just can’t get enough.

Jessica was married to Jerry for fifteen years and they had four children together. Even though the couple had split, Jessica became Jerry’s caretaker when he fell ill prior to COVID. However, as Jerry was improving and life was slowly getting back to normal, enter Kayee, the 26-year old singer.

The Koalition spoke to Kayee Lovey about joining the reality show, her relationship with Jessica and Jerry, what really happens when the cameras stop rolling and more.

YOU, ME, & MY EX Kayee Lovey barely knew Jerry before she moved in with him and his ex-wife

“It wasn’t actually that I felt [this relationship] was TV worthy, but when my boyfriends brought it up to me, I was just like, ‘this actually makes sense’ and then when he brought up that he lives with his ex-wife, ‘I was like this is not real, you’re lying to me, there’s no way.'” That’s when Kayee put her foot down. “In order for our relationship to continue, I have to see this with my own eyes.'” So Kayee moved in.

She and Jerry, 52, met at an airport right before he got sick and the pandemic shutdown America. He saw her when she was working at a sunglasses stand and Kayee thought he looked dapper. So, she agreed to a date. Unfortunately, with COVID running rampant and with Jerry being immunocompromised, Jerry was forced to isolate himself. By then, Jessica had decided to move in to care for Jerry and her children. Unwilling to give up on their blossoming relationship, Jerry was determined to make it work and moved Kayee into the already crowded house.

For the first episode it’s clear Jessica does not care for Kayee, believing she does not care about the family unit. But the feeling is mutual as Kayee is not thrilled her boyfriend’s ex is still living with him. “The truth of the honest of the matter of the fact is I was pissed and enraged,” she stated on the series premiere after learning she would not be sleeping in Jerry’s bed but in the closet on a blowup mattress on the floor.

You, Me, And My Ex': Jessica Puts Kayee In Her Place In Exciting Preview

“I really like him [and while] all these different things [are] happening, I’m trying to see the best out of it because of how I see him individually. I’m just hoping for the best. While all relationships, no matter the circumstances are a work in progress, Kayee has learned she’s coming to the relationship with her own imperfections but she is willing to grow.

“I’ve realized that I’m insensitive to certain situations because I’m not used to [being in relationships that requires] strong communication because my previous relationships were toxic, but I’m learning and growing through it. I also noticed I have a lot of personality and that can be overwhelming to people.”

Knowing her self-worth and convinced it was Jessica’s idea for her to sleep in the closet, Kayee was given better accommodations after standing up for herself but the damage was done. Jessica does not think Kayee is there for the family, while Kayee thinks Jessica is jealous of her replacement. Even though Kayee was prepared for the “potential jealous ex” in Jerry’s life and being a stepmom, she was surprised at how close Jerry still is with Jessica.

“The closeness of Jerry’s relationship with his ex, I didn’t think it was going to be that serious. I’ve seen co-parenting before but this is just another level of co-parenting. I love kids and with my OCDness in life would be so perfect for having kids. Not that they would be in a military once I become their mom. I just know that I grew up really quickly and I can handle all that pressure of guiding another human being to the right path. Mistakes that I’ve made in my life, I know that I would be able to [help someone out].”

With all these personalities living under one roof, could this relationship survive? While Kayee wouldn’t answer the question directly she did tease things about to get explosive.

“You guys need to get ready for an explosion. Just imagine, just picture all of these people in one house. It’s not going to be a calm [day], it’s not going to be peaceful as you think it is. It’s hectic, just wait for that explosive. It’s going to be epic, it’s going to be mind-blowing.”

You, Me & My Ex air Sundays at 10pm EST on TLC.

To learn more about Kayee, her relationship and her new music, check out the full interview in the video above.

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