Snowfall Aftermath

Snowfall Season 4 Episode 10 Recap & Theories | Franklin’s Family Fractured

On this week’s Snowfall Aftermath, we recap Snowfall Season 4 Episode 10 which is the season finale. This is a recap and theory show, so please beware of spoilers. You’ve been warned!

This finale brought us some of the most intense moments that we’ve witnessed for a long time in this show, thanks to the brilliant storytelling throughout the entire season. We get an excellent showdown between Teddy, Alton, Franklin and Cissy. And just when we think all is well, Teddy changes everything.

We also see Skully attempt to get revenge for his recent losses, as well as Louie and Jerome making a decision that will put Franklin on edge. And then we get a fitting final scene between Franklin and Melody, in which Franklin finally ditches his walking aid.

At the end of this episode we give our expectations for Snowfall season 5.

The video of this discussion is available above, audio will follow. Be sure to share your own thoughts and theories below!

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